Established by professor Emmanuele F. M Emanuele in 1998, the Hospice is highly specialised in care for terminal patients and is designed to ensure a safe and comfortable environment that protects privacy and the psychological and relational wellbeing of patients and their families.  Accredited by the Lazio Region Health System, the Hospice has thirty single rooms with en-suite bathrooms fitted with disability aids, electronically adjustable beds with individual lights and auto-diallers, telephone, television, air conditioning, minibar, wardrobe and a chair bed for guests. Patients and families may personalise their room with their own items and linens.

The facility has comfortable lounges where families and guests may spend time together and patients may engage in occupational activities, a library, a gymnasium for maintenance of mobility, a café, a chapel and an outdoor garden.  This is a comfortable facility where single rooms that may be personalised and dedicated areas ensure that patients’ needs are met whilst respecting their privacy.  The facility ensures that patients feel safe and part of their family and that physicians and nurses provide high quality care and authentic human relationships, which are essential to help them maintain of a dignified quality of life.     


The Hospice also provides home care to 120 patients.


Inpatient and outpatient care is free of charge.


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