Fondazione Sanità e Ricerca has a Palliative Care Centre and a Care Centre for patients who are partially, temporarily or completely dependent on others for their care. 

The Palliative Care Centre provides the following services:

  • Hospice
  • Home Palliative Care Unit (PCU)
  • Outpatients department for Palliative care and Pain therapy

The Foundation’s Palliative Care Centre aims to offer specialised and patient-friendly medical care (including cancer) that respects patients’ rights.  Our staff is committed
to constantly improve the quality of the care provided in the centre.

The increasing importance of quality rather than the length of life now plays a fundamental role in the treatment approach of neurodegenerative deseases (incuding cancer).  Assessments of the quality of life have become standard practice in clinical studies and pain management, which has a high impact on mobility, independence and the mental state of many incurable patients.

150 patients per day (30 inpatients and 120 outpatients) receive care by the centre.


A multidisciplinary team (composed of a palliative doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a healthcare assistant, a social assistant, a volunteer and a spiritual assistant) and care tailored to the needs of patients and their families enables the Palliative Care Centre to provide comprehensive care, which includes management of the physical symptoms and emotions, psychological support for patients and their family and humanising the therapeutic impact.

The Care Centre for dependant patients provides the following services:

  • Alzheimer’s Day Centre
  • Home care for Alzheimer patients or patients affected by other forms of dementia
  • Home care for patients who are partially, temporarily or completely dependent on others for their care (incuding patients affected by ALS desease. Fondazione Sanità e Ricerca is specialized in clinical and healthcare assistance of ALS patients)

The Alzheimer’s Day Centre opened in 2005 (listed in the Comune di Roma’s city register of Day Centres and residential nursing homes for the elderly); the facility also provides Home Care services in order to address the ever-changing needs of patients and their caregivers in the appropriate care settings.  Counselling and training are also provided to the families of patients on the waiting list and information concerning their rights and the local dementia services.

Fondazione Sanità e Ricerca provides comprehensive and continuity of care to patients with degenerative dementia and their families during the various stages of the disease.  This approach improves the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases.

Over eighty outpatients per day receive care either in the day centre or in their home.