Fondazione Sanità is committed to residential or home care for terminal patients who need complex treatment.

The right to retain dignity and receive the highest possible standard of medical care for chronic degenerative diseases is consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations proclaimed by the UN General Assembly on the 10th December 1948 and the Code of Ethics of healthcare professionals.

The Foundation is committed to provide person centred care and ensures that patients are treated with respect and dignity in compliance with international laws and the principle of subsidiarity that inspires non-profit organisations.

As a non-profit institute the Foundation invests its resources in the services provided and tests the efficiency, effectiveness, value and performance of healthcare models and services for the purpose of placing the results at the disposal of the community (institutions and other bodies) and contributing to the development of the social and health care system.    

The combination of clinical, psychosocial and health care ensures comprehensive treatment, by adapting the service to the real needs of patients and their families.